Michael P 1968 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron stretch limousine

One of 6 made ,I bought in 1987 and still have .

I was able to buy my Imperial Limousine when I was 21 yrs old and still own now . I have met and developed relationships with some of the most attractive ,light up the room ,heart and traffic stopping woman in the eastern USA . I married 2 ,buried 1 and never got a D.U.I. As I always had a friend that was happy to drive it while I was either out alone getting the best stress relieving rides possible, taking a new girlfriend out that lead to a very long term relationship or giving rides to friends on there special occasions that gave them memories they will never forget .3 weeks after I bought it in N.Y. I drove it to Ft Lauderdale ,Fl to show one of my best friends the car since he had no idea what a 1968 Imperial looked like .and with the 3 foot stretch ,middle electric privacy glass divider ,front and rear A.C. Heat and dual stereos ,intercom from back to driver I would never have know what one looked like until a very important man that had built a lifelong legacy of helping people and was friends with people like the mayor of N.Y. To Union officials and family all over the USA and Italy passed away and seen the potential in me before he died to make sure I received a car that John F Kennedy would have been proud to ride in . I lived up to his vision and have lived a great life and kept on his tradition of seeing justice done to anyone that needed help or needed to be stopped from harming good hearted people without ever asking for anything in return but a simple thank you . This is dedicated to Paul B. The man I received the car from and to my late wife Marybeth .

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