Leslie L 1971 Dodge Demon

One owner classic

I ordered this 1971 340 4 spd Dodge Demon in March 1971, waited 4 wks for it to be delivered. Arrived April 1971. I have had the car since it was new, it has been repainted the original B5 Blue, and reupholstered. The rest of the car is original. I did order the polyglass tires this year to make it the way it came from the factory.The tires cost $1063.44. I have shown this car since 2000 and have won over 45 trophies with it. It is a one of a kind and have taled to people that remember these cars but have never seen one until this Demon showed up at a car show. This is a Dodge Demon, not a Duster. I have this car insured through Hagerty and feel like you do not realize how unique this car is. I am the orginal owner, all the numbers match. Oh, my policy number is 3N64209.. Just wanted to let you know a little about this car. Thank you , Leslie A. Loos PO Box 1304 Glenrock, Wy. 82637

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