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The Purrfect Christmas

Well it was Christmas time 2011. I had no idea what was going on.

It all started one regular work day at the end of November 2011, My husband was off to work, he runs a RV store, and he was towing a closed in car trailer that they use at work to carry there show material in for setting up shows. I asked him why he was dragging the trailer around because there wasn't any shows this time of year and he said that he and my dad were going to get some wood for the fireplace but i stopped listening by then. At the end of the day when he got home which was early for him he still had the trailer behind him. I asked why he was still dragging it around he said it needed to go back to work so we will get the wood another day.

Well what i didn't know at the time was he left to go to work but ended up going to Vancouver island which is 1 and a half hour drive and a 2 hour ferry ride away from our house in Abbotsford British Columbia. The reason he got home early was because if he had missed the ferry he would have been late to get home and in some trouble. So needless to say and unknown to me there was a car in the trailer when he got home but never said a word to me.

The story continues a week before Christmas this enclosed car trailer shows up again at my house and this time he parks it in the driveway. Once again I ask why its here and he tells me that my dad and him are going to get that firewood for the winter. Again i don't really say much and let it go. So now its a couple days before Christmas and my husband tells me that my dad and him are going after Christmas to get the wood because he will be off a few days around Christmas time so it will be easy and not so rushed.

Meanwhile I am getting the house ready for Christmas and I'm looking after our autistic son because he is trying to help with everything and he is so excited about Christmas and presents. With everything ready for Chistmas my husband and I are wrapping the last of the presents for under the tree on the 23 of December. I notice this box that I didn't wrap so I take a look at the tag and it says To: Perfect From Handsome (my name for him) but its very heavy and he tells me not to shake it so I leave it alone but I am wondering what he got because we are not suppose to get gifts for eachother. This rule applies because we have 5 childred (not all at home) but we focus on our kids more than anything.

December 24 arrives and its evening time but now i need to know what's in the box so I make a deal with my husband and our youngest son (only one home at the time) to open only one gift and the rest are for Christmas day. He agrees and I head straight for this box. My one son opens his gift and is very excited then he turns to me and says i'll help you with this mommy, so he begins to tear the paper off and we get to the box itself. We tear the box open to find a picture of this orange mustang, I look at it and say to my husband ..... well that's not nice you get me a picture of a car I love and can't have, did you get it traded at work because I see all the campers behind it? (now i'm getting disappointed) My husband says there is a little box in the big box so open that but I keep talking and looking at the picture and telling him how that is a beautiful car and how this is not a good joke. Meanwhile my son is going through this box taking everything out like papers and tire shine and rags, well now I'm more confused and I'm looking at my husband saying what in the world is all this crap!

Finally my husband looks at me and says, would you just open the little dang box please, so I open this box to have a set of keys and a key chain fall out and the key chain says to Perfect. On the other side of the enscription is a Mustang logo. I look at him with a confused look and he finally says...... those keys, that picture of the Mustang are for the real Mustang sitting in the trailer out in the driveway............finally it sinks in and i jump to my feet and say "shut the he** up and he looks at me and says Merry Christmas and by this time i'm jumping around yelling at him to take me outside I want to see it, hurry up! So off we go outside, he lets the back door down of the trailer and there she sits my Mustang! This was the best day ever, I never thought I would own a Mustang ever. Well never say never!

Of coarse all the husbands in the neighbourhood didn't talk to my husband for a long time because he set the gift bar way to high.

To this day i'm still enjoying my car but only driving it on sunny days. The kids are fighting for the rights of the car so I told them when i pass away I'm going to be buried in it so don't hold your breath.

I love my husband and I'm a little nervous that he was able to keep this from me! This was the best Christmas ever!

Yours Truly Kelli S

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