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If I had to do it over again....

On the third day of January, 1971 I went to a Buick dealership to order a dream car. The salesman had previously sold me a 1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport in July of 1965 and I wanted to buy a GSX. I sat down and ordered most everything that I could except for the Stage 1 option as I didn't want to risk extra insurance and possibly exceeding speed limits. Ten weeks later t5he car arrived and while the rear bumper had to be replaced due to the chrome plating being damaged, all was perfect.

I had ordered the Platinum Mist with the flat black hood, bumper cutouts for the exhaust, a 4-speed transmission, 8 track AM/FM bucket seats, consolette,, mag wheels but no power steering. spoilers front and rear just as the car was fitted out with.

Nine years later, 3 battery changes and only 27000 miles I elected to sell the car as I had just purchased my first home and owed 2 people some money that I had borrowed. The GSX was my only asset at the time. I went to a Buick car show just soutyh of Baltimore MD and put a For Sale sign in the window.

When leaving that evening I backed the car over another owner's Air Cleaner and since miune was perfect, I gave him mine in exchange. It was only right to do that.

A week later I received a call from a man in Virginia who wished to purchase the car. He and his family arrived the next week and down the driveway went my beautiful GSX.

Forward to the year 2007 and out of the blue I was notified that someone in Texas was asking about the car. I spoke to the man and he asked me for clarification of my home address at the time of the purchase in 1971. , I confirmed that as the name of the town had changed and only someone with documentation would know that.

Yes it was my GSX and had only 31000 miles on it! We had kept in contact until about 3 years ago when their was a GSX meet in Ohio and as I was working and it was going to rain in NJ I elected not to go..

The sad part is that as far as I can determine there were only 124 units made in 1971 varying in color and mine was 1 of 4 that had the Platinum Mist color and only 2 that had a 4 speed transmission.

I now own a 2001 Corvette convertible with just under 24000 miles on it and it is also a beauty. But the Buick was a stand alone.

The motto of the story is if you are considering selling a car, look into the production numbers and re-think your options.

I have other pictures of the GSX but the most professional view is one that was shot after the meet.

And the last sorry part of my tale is that I sold the car in 1980 for $5,000. (:(

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