Elaine H 1968 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Back to the Future

Before I was old enough to drive, my mother bought a used 1968 Mustang. Three of my 7 brothers and myself learned to drive in that Mustang. It was definitely a mom's car though. It was Seafoam green (almost white) with a white vinyl hard top, a 289 V8, disk brakes, air conditioning, automatic, and parchment interior. I had many memories in that car; some I would care to share and some that are better left in the past. I ended up buying a friends car for my first car and younger brother ended up the final family owner of the Mustang. He finally sold the car when he was in his 20s and I was angry with my parents and my brother for not giving me an opportunity to own the car.

Fast forward to me in my late 40s and still loving the 1968 Mustang. When my 2 daughters suggested that I buy a new Mustang since I loved them so much, I told them that if I ever owned a Mustang it would be a classic. One day I was sitting at work during lunch and decided to see what an unrestored car might cost. I came across this red 1968 Mustang owned by a little old lady all it's life with all original parts and matching numbers. It was more than the car was worth but it was a one owner California car and it made me think that it was time to buy my classic. Long story short, we drove from Washington state to Fresno California to buy the car and brought it home. Inside it was identical to my mother's car, but the outside red color was definitely not the same. When I looked up the VIN information I found that this care was original the exact same color as my mom's car. In the end, I didn't repaint it the same color, because quite honestly it was boring. But I chose an original 1968 Mustang color and she is one sweet little coupe today. My mother is gone now, but when I drive that car I feel like a 16 year old again and it brings me closer to my mother. And when I'm gone, one of my daughters will own the car and it will remind her of me. Thank you Ford.

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