jerry m 1957 ford fairlane 500 sunliner

ford beats chevie in sales for 1957

its starts back in 1959 when i got out of the navy, had to have a car, so i went to the ford dealer and bought a 57 ford. after many years while working for fords i get interested in restoring old cars, 1st was a 51 for, then a 69 march 1 mustang, all the while looking for another 57 ford, 7 years ago i finally find one only to be a 1/2 mile away, it was mostly original, everything was worn out and had to be replaced, all the chrome, rechromed bumpers, complete steering linkage, the only thing that seemed to be in good shape was the paint job, but over the years i'm sure many body panels have been replaced or fixed. after replaceing many things like windows, window whiskers, inner panels, dash knobs, many many parts to the running shape its in now, i enjoy the car, and it brings back many memories of when i was growing up

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