Jill S 1960 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

A love story about a car

It all started when I was 15. I loved Corvettes but wasn't old enough to drive and wasn't sure I could afford one --ever. Well on the way home from school I spotted a little Corvette parked in the street. I looked at it almost daily. As time went by the car seemed to look sad to me. It became dirty and the tires a little low. Then all of a sudden a 4 sale sign went up on it. I went to my Dad and begged him to help me. I had $100.00 saved and needed another $1,000.00. He said I will co sign a loan for you but you must pay for it. He also told me to be prepared because my Mom would have a fit. Well with money in hand I went to the door to buy the little car. The lady explained it was her son's car and he wanted it sold. He was in Viet Nam and wasn't really sure he would be back. The car came home with me. I learned to drive and she became my school, and work car. I saved everything I made to fix up this little car. It was in car shows for a few years but in 1974 it was parked in the garage with a broken water pump. The years just kept going by and before I knew it it was parked for 40 years. By then the car needed so much work but I wanted to drive it just one more time before I was too old to enjoy it. I looked and looked for someone to help me but either I didn't trust them or the cost was just too high. Then I met a wonderful man. His name is Sam and he owns GM Sports. He came to my home to look at the car and give me a idea of the costs. I liked him right away. The deal was made. He loaded my car on his flat bed as I was in the drive way crying. He stopped and said take some pictures and tell her good by for a while. Well after about 6 months I went to the shop to pick her up. The guys there are wonderful and I think they fell in love with her too. My car is now home and part of me will always be 16. Another good part of the story is the owner came home and looked for me to see where his car had gone. He wanted to make sure it had a good home. I have owned it for 48 years and love it just as much as the day I got it. (she also has a sister--a bright red 1968 427 corvette - I have owned it for 44 years)

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