Bruce C 1974 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Our dream car restored to better than new condition

My wife and I shared the same love of cars from the day we met way back in 1964. We started out with every day drivers, a sports car, a 38” Ford hot rod and always shared the dream of owning a Corvette. Our dream quickly faded in 1973 due to the pending arrival of our 1st child but changed for the better twelve days after he was born. We agreed that now was our opportunity to buy our Corvette. In late February 1974 we signed our factory order for he car of our dreams. During the first year, we all enjoyed the throaty rumble of the exhaust with the top panels off car that sweet rumble never failed to put our baby to sleep.

As our family grew, the frequency of our evening drives tapered down until they became quite rare. Our maintenance was meticulous over the years, but like any car, it started to show its age so when we moved from Winnipeg to Montreal where our car went into heated storage for 6 long years. Then we moved to Toronto in the summer of 1996 when the car moved from heated storage to our garage where is continued to sit until the early 2000s. Then, in 2002 we decided to put it back on the road. With the age started to show, we decided it was time to start our restoration.

This was an off and on again process until the spring of 2012 when we went all out. Over the years we re-built the exhaust & cooling system, the brakes, transmission, rear axle, replaced rusty brackets and hand stripped the car to bare fiberglass working against a deadline of October 2012 when we were to deliver the car to the body shop.

The body shop performed wonders fixing the imperfections before they painted it using the original factory green. When we brought it home in June 2013 it looks so much better than the day we picked it up mat the dealer.

We have returned to living our dream that started back in 1969 and with 68,000 original miles on the speedometer; it has a long way to go.

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