James F 1953 Riva ~ Tritone

I love my Perlita Too

PERLITA TOO a very special Italian speedboat. She was the FIRST Riva Tritone, and the prototype for the iconic Riva Aquarama, an object of lust for 50 years. She was the FIRST Riva sold outside of Italy, and she was the FIRST Riva sold to the USA, arriving in Los Angeles in 1953.

PERLITA TOO was the FIRST, and is now the only remaining of 4 Scripps V12 – powered Tritones, one of which set a world speed record in 1953 with Carlo Riva himself at the helm.

She was designed and built by the legendary Carlo Riva, whose 90th birthday was celebrated during Riva Days at Lago Iseo in Italy 30th August – 3rd September, 2012.

"I love my Perlita Too" Thus exclaimed Carlo Riva at Riva Days when we presented him with our book about PERLITA TOO… Hugging the book and closing his eyes “I Love My Perlita Too; she was the first boat I sent to America”.

JUST IMAGINE finding a Riva Speedboat in a barn…….follow our journey of discovery and restoration of the most significant classic Riva speedboat, “the Ferrari of speedboats” PERLITA TOO....our journey


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