Brian T 57 fuelie Corvette

Saved from the grave yard

My uncle found this car in a wrecking yard back in the early 70's. it was going to be crushed. There was two Corvettes there. One got crushed he bought the fuelie. Got it back to Washington state. Went to title it to find out he got the title for the car that got crushed. It sat in my dads garage for 3 years waiting on the title to clear. I was around five years old at the time. I remember playing in the car, which I was told to stay away from it, but when your 5, that means just don't get caught doing it. My uncle restored the car in the early 80's. drove the legs off it. Drove it back and fourth from Arizona twice a year for many many years. He unfortunately passed away almost 10 years ago. I bought the car from his estate. And to this day I enjoy driving it on those nice summer days. The car is in it's original shape from when he restored it almost 30 years ago.

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