Larry A 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Old Red


“Old Red” is really a Honduras Maroon 1962 Corvette I bought brand new in March of 1962. She has been the most unbelievable car anyone could ever own. Old Red has a 327/340 in her and she is all original. She has over 300,000 miles on her now and has been used for all kinds of things. First, she was my work car, then she became a race car and tour car as well when I joined the Corvette Owners Club of Sacramento.

My wife (then my girlfriend) and I started autocrossing Old Red in the summer of 1962. We both autocrossed her and I raced up, and down, hill climbs as well. Old Red was a winner, both in hill climbs and autocrosses! She consistently beat 427’s both in autocrossing and hill climbs unless the course was extremely high speed. Every racer’s goal was to beat “Old Red”.

Old Red is still original and was the hit of the “party” a couple of years ago at the NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) competition in Sacramento, California. There were a lot of beautiful Corvettes there but Old Red was the one that had people and cameras under, over, and around her ALL day long. The NCRS judges couldn’t believe how original she is. In fact, the final mind blower was when we told them she still has factory air in the spare tire.

In spite of her busy life, Old Red’s engine has never been touched and she still runs fine! My wife and I took her on our honeymoon to the southwest in 1964 and both of our kids have used her for their weddings so Old Red has had a varied life.

Larry Armes

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