Steve T 1962 Studebaker Lark Regal 4dr Station Wagon

The Studebaker takes us to Mooville

As the day was finally sunny with a chance of warming into the 60's we headed out for one of our favorite ice cream stops, Mooville near the little town of Nashville, MI. We take back roads which wind through farmland for about 20 miles until we have to travel on a 2 lane highway only about 3 more miles. Then we arrive at Mooville. It is actually the retail part of a large dairy operation, serving a number of flavors of their own product. Additionally, they offer a few lunch time items. The place is quite popular and so we had to wait a bit to have our order taken. Once we received our ice cream we headed outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of children at play on the playground and animal petting area. Once our treat was consumed we headed back toward home, blazing a new (to us) route that took a more roundabout way. The car gave us quite a scare when we started up a long hill as it coughed two or three time before stalling out completely. Fearing the worst I let the car sit a little while before cranking it. Luckily, the Studebaker came back to life and we made it all the way home without further incident. A 53 mile round trip in great weather topped off with some delicious ice cream was the way for our inaugural outing for this year.

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