Frank M 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 2dr SportsRoof

Still got the car, Still got the girl

Back in the fall of 1973 I was cruising to school in my Mach 1. Yea, I was cool. All of a sudden I see Cathy walking down the street with her friend. I pull over to ask them if they wanted a ride to school, of course they said yes. I sort of had a crush on Cathy by this time and later on I found out the feeling was mutual. I came off the side street to Rotunda just south of Dearborn's dead man's curve. All of Ford Engineering traffic clogged the intersection and we could not get out. Fearing we were going to be late for school, I found an opening and launched. The rear end starting to swing to the right and there was a kid on a bike riding along the curb. So I tried to bring it back and lost it. I told you the street was filled with Ford people lined up to get into work right. They all must of seen me going into a spin, turning into a 180. We slid across all 4 lanes headed right toward a telephone pole. I barely bumped into the curb missing all of the traffic with no damage done. (I often wondered what the kid on the bike thought). After Cathy and I looked at one another thinking what the hell just happened, I fired up the car and drove to school. I think this was the day I really won Cathy over.

Well fast forward 40 years later, after 3 kids, 2 grand kids and countless other accomplishments I pulled the car out of storage and it is getting a rotisserie restoration. I hope to be driving the car this fall, hope to see you out on Woodward!

I attached a picture of Cathy and I standing next to the car in the summer of '75 and a picture of the car on the rotisserie 39 years later, I hope both pictures came through.

Frank N. Muth

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