Kelvin W Aurora Cobra

Last Production Aurora Cobra #406

Last production Cobra ever made !!

This was a replica that went into production in Canada by the Aurora Car Company , sold by Ford Dealer in Canada and the US

Fully certified street legal in all 50 States and Canada

• passed all the rigors of US DOT specifications and trials and EPA compliance

• powered by FORD 302, fuel Injected, Power Windows, Locks and Antenna, and yes Air Conditioning,

Aurora Cobra SC302 – built 1988

VIN : 2A91A8D14JR004406

My car built by Aurora Car Company in Aurora, Ontario its VIN is the last one recorded at #406.

It’s in great shape with only 15,000 miles.

The Aurora is modelled after the 1964 AC Cobra with great detail. This car was the last one manufactured in 1988 while Aurora was under new management. I don't profess to the know the full details of Aurora but I sure do love this car. If you Google Aurora Cobra their is lots of history about these cars you will find very interesting.

The fact that it was the last production certified cobra is a cool title to have. The way the car drives , its looks, and it impeccable condition makes it a joy to drive. Car enthusiasts love to see something different and its always a big draw at a classic car show.

My dream car was to own a cobra, well this car really fits the bill !!

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    Philip United States February 21, 2015 at 08:40
    I am looking for an Aurora to buy. Any interest in selling? Thx Phil
  • 2
    kelvin Jordan Stn Ontario May 30, 2016 at 09:48
    Yes - I am interested in selling - haven't listed it yet but remembered you were interested - please call me at 647-801-4109

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