Robert B 1957 Ford Sunliner

They did it in 1957!

Years ago I saw a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner advertised in Lancaster PA. It was completely restored. The guy said it was rust free, I know Lancaster PA and rust free doesn't compute. After many pictures sent to me and many conversations I decided to buy it. I was really excited and told a lot of friends about it. My plan was to fly back there and drive it home to San Diego. They were all taken back and couldn't believe I would drive a 57 Ford cross country. I just said "They did it back in 57". So, the day after Thanksgiving I flew back to PA and saw the car. It was really beautiful, a very nice restoration. I paid for it and started on my trek across the country. I headed directly south to make sure I didn't get caught in any snow, or salty roads. The trip was incredible, it caught the attention of so many people along the way. I actually was at a gas station talking to a guy about the car and he invited me back to his house to see his collection of Fords. Met a lot of really great car people. I did have one problem on the trip when I was pulled over in Texas because one of the headlights had burnt out. The officer directed me to a Super Walmart where I bought two new headlights installed them in the parking lot and was back on my way home. One of the best driving trip I have ever had. That car ended up in the hands of a very nice family in New Zealand who have visited me here in San Diego and stayed in touch to this day. I have done this with almost every car that I have purchased from out of my area and never had any issues getting home . Bob

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