Brett B 1982 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

The Love of a son!

My wife and I purchased a 1976 Corvette as a wedding gift to each other in 1979.

A white L82 Stingray, white was our favorite color. It was a car we both had dreamed about when we were in our dreams.

When we had our third son in 2012 we decided it had to go. Not a very practical car. We needed a family car. My wife cried when it went up the driveway.

We purchased a car with the money from the Corvette. We had it for 12 years and didn't lose a penny when we sold it.

Less than a year later my wife and sons were involed in a terrible accident. The doctors weren't sure if my oldest son was going to live.

Thru God's grace he pilled thru and suffered hearing loss in his left ear. Because of his injuries he had money placed in a trust until he 18.

One night in November of 2013 while he was at Bible college he called and told me he needed to see me NOW!! I suggested it wait til morning but he said it had to be tonight. When I got off the phone I wondered what had happened. He had never caused any trouble growing up, what could he have done to get in trouble at Bible College. When I got to the school everyon was in the parking lot, and there sat this 1982 Black Corvette that he had been talking about buying. He had a 2000 Mustang GT at the time and I told he needed to sell before he bought the Corvette. When I told I was disappointed that he traded his Mustang for the Corvette without talking to me about it, he said I didn't. He said I love my Mustang I'm not ready to sell it. The Corvette is for you! You sold your first one because of your children and I knew you would never buy another one. I couldn't believe it.

It was not perfect, but it was a gift of love. It will always be a work in process, but the entire family enjoys driving it.

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