jefff c 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S 2dr Sport Coupe

Reunion Story

I love convertibles! I've owned a 1964 Comet Caliente and then a 1965 Buick Wildcat. But times change and with a move to a new home and a baby - I sold my Buick.

About a year later the itch for a can came back and my wife told me to start looking for the car I always wanted. I found a 1969 Lemans convertible...I really liked it. The sale was contingent on a "clean bill of health"...and my mechanic called me after having just a couple minutes and said water in the engine - walk away from this one. I was crushed. I already had cash in hand and was ready to close.

For waht reason things happen in life - I walked out to the garage and decided to go ride my bike to get out of the funk and disappointment. As I'm riding through the neighborhood I see a guy washing a red 1970 Cutlass convertible. As I road down to look at it I kept thinking how could this have been in my neighborhood and I not seen it?

I introduced myself and complimented him on the car. He kind of shrugged and said it's "ok" but he collects Mustangs and only bought it because some knew he collected cars and had to sell it ASAP. I just asked him point blank if he'd sell it to me.

I helped him finish wash it - left my bike at his house and drove it home. I loved this even more than the Lemans!

Ironically, it already had a baby seat in the back seat so we loaded up the kiddo and cruised the neighborhood.

He took what I had for the Lemans and the Olds was mine.

Post Script.

I take the car to the annual Oldsmobile show in Columbus Ohio where I live. It is a driver so i wash it, wax it and throw on some tire treatment. As I sat at the show, a guy took an inordinate interest in it - looking under the wheel wells, really looking at it close. He finally asked if it was mine and I said yes. He said he had owned the car and added "and you don't have the paperwork on it do you?"....and I said no. He said he still had it because when he sold it the new buyers didn't even want it

He asked what I wanted to know about the car - we started with mileage - he turned it over once and it was turned over before he got it - so it looks like it's at 296K.

I now have 2 girls and our entire family loves cruising in our Olds convertible!

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