Dick M 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2dr Convertible

Golden girl

We purchased our first classic car in January in the Philadelphia area and had it delivered to Massachusetts in a covered trailer on a zero degree day. The previous owner was a mechanic and owned his own garage . We looked at a bunch of muscle cars before we found this car. Most were in poor condition and overpriced. We wanted a driver not a show car with no major issues especially undercarriage rust. After spotting this car on the internet, I called the owner, liked what I heard and drove non stop down the following day. Luckily, it had only been advertised for a very short time. After looking at the car and seeing all he had done to it, and it was considerable, he put it on the lift and I contacted my mechanic who looked at the pictures I took on my iPad, then spoke at length with the owner, one mechanic to another. He blessed the car, we took it for a spin ( thankfully the roads were dry) we agreed on a price and it was a done deal. We have only begun to drive the car due to road salt for a couple of weeks and we named her golden girl due to the gold exterior paint. There is so much new on this car that I can't list them but most mechanical items are rebuilt or replaced, new top, flawless chrome and the paint is beautiful. The bench seat interior is pretty much original but in great condition and it is an automatic on the column. I did replace the radio, but bought one that looks just like it. Other than the black hood stripes and the rear spoiler, it looks pretty much like it did when new. This coming Sunday , we are having a backyard party for family and friends to show her off. I still talk to the previous owner when I have any questions and he is always happy to respond. This car was his pride and joy and our hope is to keep it looking grand. We were lucky enough to be able to get a Massachusetts vanity plate called OLDZ 70. OLDS 70 was taken. I have pictures I could send but not on this email

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