Richard B 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

the family heirloom

It was 1966. I had just gotten married and was on my honeymoon. According to my wife, I talked about buying a Corvette for the entire 14 days. The timing wasn't right for buying a sports car what with starting a family and a new business. But when the 1967s came out and we learned that the car was going to be changed for 1968, I again was bitten by the bug. My wife suggested I buy the car I liked because, "if you don't like the 1968s better, you'll kick yourself in the ass for the rest of your life". She also suggested buying a sports car before we had kids. So, in December 1966 we ordered a 1967 Marlboro maroon big block Corvette coupe with air conditioning. I had no intention of keeping the car for an extended period of time, but every time the subject of selling the car came up, I choked. Years went by, children came, grew up and moved out but the Corvette never left. It now shares a heated garage with my Acura NSX and will probably do so for the foreseeable future. It certainly has become a family heirloom.

The original list price of the car was $5800 but I received a $1075 discount dropping the cash outlay to $4800. When I told my father what I had spent, he was not pleased. "You wasted $5000 on a plastic toy" he said in a loud voice. "You could have had a Buick" he went on. As years passed and the value of the Corvette started to rise, my dad passed away. Although I can't prove it, I think he would rather die that admit I was right.

Over the last 47 years, the Corvette has been used to transport the kids (weren't and seatbelt laws at the time) go on day trips and generally run errands. I don't know the mileage since the odometer stopped in 1988 at 47864 miles. After all these years, it has proved more dependable than my kids. By the way, I'm still married to the girl who made such good decisions in 1966.

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