Ralph T 1961 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

ROUTE 66 Revisted

From the first time I watched Route 66 on our old black and white TV in the dark, I was hooked! Every kid that I knew longed to be like Todd and Buzz and drive the Country,It may have been a grownups show but it was always the topic of conversation with my friends! That drive had to include the star of the show a CORVETTE! nothing else would do. With every newspaper I delivered (heard that somewhere before) I lusted for a Corvette! Every morning while delivering papers I stopped by the Chevy dealer to see what corvette they had on the showroom floor and just to marvel at the lines of those cars! The C-1 Corvette and year was always my favorite although I have owned or restored everything from 1957 to 2007 to me nothing compares to the boat tailed 61 and 62. I trade a clapped out 67 MG straight up for my first 61 but being married by then and my first child on the way it was not going to be in my hands for long and I had to sell it. I went from Corvette to Corvette for years restoring them then usually having to part with them much to soon. My 1961 that I have now was discovered sitting under the overpass at Naval Base Pearl Harbor in 1989. It took me awhile to run down its owner who was a retired Naval Officer that lived on the harbor in a nearby boat. Most owners have this dream of one day restoring their cars so this guy was one of them and did not want to sell. I talked to him every month to change his mind for 9 years. Finally due to his much needed hull repair to his boat I traded him a 1987 Corvette (nice car) which I had restored for the 1961 plus cash that he used to repair his boat. With a little TLC I fired it up and drove it to the Pearl Harbor Auto Hobby shop and took it all down every nut and bolt. It took me a year with the help of Corvette Centrals AIM and Nolan Adams C-1 bible but it got correctly restored. This one (pictured) has been with me since 1999 and is in the same well cared for condition as the day I finished it, but ask any corvette owner they will tell you that they are never finished! In closing I have to thank Martin Milner and George Maharis (Todd and Buzz) from the Show for the Memory Lane I drive down every single time I get behind the wheel because of them every road I travel is Route 66. God bless you both for a life long passion for these cars! It may have been just another job for you both but it has been a hoot for me!

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