Craig P 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible

Dream Car at a Dream Wedding

My wife's father worked in a body shop. In 1969 the body shop needed a front clip for a 1966 Mustang and bought a wrecked convertable for that purppose. During that time my wife's father worked some overtime and took the remaining wrecked Mustang convertable as partial payment. My wife was 16 at the time, so my father-in-law fixed up that Mustang for her. He was only interested in repairing it so my wfe would a have a car to drive to school. He put the new body parts on which included 1969 wheel covers. We drove the car until 1974, then put in storage. I began taking Mustang Monthly magazines; one issue had an article on how to see if your 1966 Mustang was a GT. As I checked over the list, most of the items were on our Mustang, except, the rear exhaust trumpets, fog lamps (however the wiring was there), and the GT emblems and stripes. Once I was sure that we had a GT, I ordered reproduction fog lamps, grille, exhaust trumpets, rear dual exhaust valance, GT wheels, and GT stripes. I purchased the GT emblems at a swap meet. We had the motor rebuilt, a new exhaust system, new carpet, and reworked the pony interior, 2 new rear quarter panels, and a paint job. Now we had an authentic 1966 GT convertable, candy apple red with parchment pony interior, 4-speed, a real classic. We mostly drive the Mustang around town on nice days with the top down, of course. When my oldest daughter got married in 2004, she and her husband asked if they could use the Mustang to go from the church to the reception. I said yes. As you can see, both the wedding couple and Mustang look great!

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    Claire TC April 30, 2014 at 09:33
    I love this story, Craig! Thanks for sharing.

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