Hugh P 1972 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

"1 OWNER" as in ordered from the factory

My truly “1 OWNER” 1972 Corvette was ordered through V.V. Cooke Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky by then U.S. Army Captain Hugh J Preacher upon his return from Vietnam.

Built on 30 May and delivered June 8, 1972, this Targa Blue Corvette is exactly as it left the dealership with the 454 Cubic Inch (7.4 Liter) engine purposely unencumbered by any power options. The car was first registered in Jefferson County Kentucky which is reflected on its front license plate.

Documentation includes the build sheets, original owner manuals, Corvette Owner card, warranty booklet, original keys and key fobs and the paper V. V. Cooke Chevrolet envelope they were presented in.

In 2012 I made contact with Mr. V.V. Cooke Jr. who kindly autographed many old and new photographs and documents and generously gave me several rare items from his dealership that closed in 1981.

1 OWNER proudly wears an original dealer plate and frame!

After decades of daily use and 146 thousand miles, a frame off restoration was begun:

Disassembly and reassembly was largely completed by the owner. Every nut and bolt to the bare frame with the motor blue printed and balanced that sounds like 70 power and runs even better!

All of the drive train is original and with a mostly original interior it is easier to list what has not been replaced than what has.

The less ordered Targa Blue paint is the original color and always has people asking about it.

It is a show favorite most every place we take it and though it wins a lot of awards including NCRS Top Flight in it's first outing, it is DRIVEN! and I smile from the time I start the engine until I park it.

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