Gregory W 1966 Century Resorter 19

The one that didn't get away (For Long)

This boat was purchased new from Clear lake Marine by my uncle in 1966. I drove the boat as a teenager back then to the dance hall at Bledsoe's Beach on Lake James Indiana. The boat stayed with my uncle until he died in the late 80's and then my aunt unable to take care of it sold it to another party on the same lake. He owned it for 20 years, got married in it and had it as a family boat. I found out who the guy was that had it and in a meeting with him I subsequently reaquired it in 2010.

After putting the boat in the water one June day a friend and I were taking a ride around 3rd basin of Lake James and I noticed the boat was not handling right. I turned around and saw that water was above the floor boards in the rear of the boat and she was going down fast. I called my wife back to the ramp with the trailer and barely got it back on the trailer in time befor it sank. I called a friend that owns Dry Dock Marine and upon examining the boat it was found to have a broken keel and other rot in the bottom. That winter in their restoration shop they completely stripped the boat installing a complete new sealed bottom with new keel. They also detailed the engine which is a Buick 401 CID Gray Marine. It's in beautiful shape now and runs great. It's good to have a family original back in the family.

Greg Walda

Lake James, Indiana

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