Jerome S 1989 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Patience Pays

In 1989, my brother Jim ordered a new Corvette with his choice of options and colors. When I first saw it and drove it, I was impressed! A 6 speed manual transmission when Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches all had 5 speeds. When the targa top was removed, there was no support structure ruining your view of the sky like in previous generation Corvettes. I knew he would one day sell it when he decided he needed a new Corvette, so I planned to be there on that day with my checkbook in hand. C4 ZR1's were created, then fifth generation Corvettes were built. C5 Z06's came along, but still my brother held on to his car. The C6 Corvette was introduced and my brother seemed unmoved. Perhaps I had misjudged him. Perhaps I needed a new plan leading to Corvette ownership. The first car model I built (at age 5 years) was of a Corvette. I was not getting any younger. None of us are guaranteed a long lifespan. In 2008, he called me, asking if I wanted to buy his Corvette. Of course I did! I have not regretted my purchase, and he loves his 2008 C6.

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