Mark L 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

My graduation year Vet

When I was growing up I always from the earliest time that I can remember liked cars. Not all cars, I liked what today they refer to as "Muscle Cars". I liked them all by the time I got into high school I had settled on my favorite, a corvette. Now the 61 and 62 vets where very nice and they had good HP for the time, but when they came out in 63 I knew this was the care for me and by the time I was a senior in 1966 they came out with the 427, and that became the car of my dreams. I made a promise to myself that one day, when I could afford it I was going to have one of those.

Well as life goes on, the older you get, the less money it seems you have for things like this with college loans, marriage, raising a family, and all the other things that come along during life that need to be addressed. I would look at adds for 1966 corvettes all the time but they were way to expensive. Then, one day I was driving thru a town in my state and looked off to my right, and there in a store front window was a 1966 Corvette. I immediately turned off the road and headed back to the store. I went in and asked about the car but the owner said it was not for sale and that they were using it as a means of getting people to come into the store and buy their products. The car was in fair condition, it needed work, but still it was a 1966 Corvette 427. I told the owner that if he ever wanted to sell it to let me know and left him my contact info knowing that I would probably never hear from him.

But, a little more than a year later I got a phone call, it was him. He said he was going to sell the car and I had first chance if I still wanted it. I asked how much he wanted and he said $18,000.00. Knowing how much one of these sold for in the market today in perfect shape I told him I would take it and went to the bank for a loan. Well the rest is history, I started almost immediately to restore it which took me eight years. The car is finished, a 1966 427/425 HP coupe, with black interior, 4 speed, side pipes, knock offs, and 411 gears. It is a driver and I enjoy it every chance I get.

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