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My Corvettes

In my earlier years i was quite a car guy, especially Corvettes.

My first muscle car was a 1968 GTO Ram Air convertible, 433 rear end, 4 speed, purchased upon my return home from Vietnam. That was really a cool car, but soon I wanted a Corvette. I sold the GTO and purchased a 1969 427- 390 HP, 4 speed corvette T-top, in silver, and bought a new 1968 camaro with 327 and a 4 speed. Within 1 year, I sold that and purchased a silver 1963 split-window Corvette fastback, 327- 340 HP, solid lifters, and a 4 speed. What a car! I kept it and then bought a 1970 350-350 HP blue T-top corvette, with chrome Hooker header side pipes, and drove that for a while along with the other Vette. Next I sold the 63 split window, kept the '70, and bought another '63 split window, red, 327 - 300 HP automatic with power windows. A year later I sold the '70, and then sold the '63 split window as we now had 2 children who were getting to close to the cars in the garage.

My last Corvette was another 437 - 390 HP, green T-top 4 speed, which I drove until we needed a down payment on a new house that we built. Little did I know what the value of those split windows would become. They were great cars, except for the fact that you could't see out of the back window very well because of the split window. I see why they only made the split window for one year, and also see why several '63 split window owners converted that split window over to a solid one piece window after an article in Popular Mechanics. Of course that ruined the vlaue of the split window even more!

I currently have the 1988 300-ZX in supoer condition, and a 1965 Buick Skylary 2-door coupe with a 318 Wildcat V-8, all in original condition. I am the second owner. It has 91,000 original miles on it, and runs great.

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