RICHARD A 1956 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

High School Sweatheart

The summer between my junior and senior years of high school I got my drivers license and also my first car; a 1956 Corvette, red with cream coves and red interior with white convertible top. It was a 3 speed with the 265 with duel quads and the "Duntov Cam" it was used by 4 years but in very good condition. I bought it from a local Chevy dealer from their used car lot and paid $1,600. for it which was every cent I had been able to save from working every job I could from the time I was 12 and had a paper route and several jobs since, plus every bit of cash from various gifts, birthdays, confirmation, Christmas and so on.

I drove it everywhere and for every excuse, I had suddenly acquired many new friends, girls were always welcome. There was a drag race at every stop light which I won as I recall, not many cars in my town could stay with my "Vette". The only problem I recall with the car was water leaks when it rained, the trunk and the air ventilator on the cowl were the worst offenders. All and all the car was everything I had hoped it would be. I took care of it, washed and waxed cleaned and tuned it up regularly and changed the oil & filter every month.

After graduation I had to sell it as I went to college always knowing I'd get another as soon as I could. After college and the military, there were a string of Vetts, culminating in a 1990 ZR1, serial # 039 plus a large number of antique cars of many descriptions. The '56 Vette still holds a special place in my heart.....

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