Pete F 1962 corvette 350 sbc powerglide transmission

Dreams do come true!

It all started in 1984. I dated this beautiful redhead for about 3 years. Her parents were into Harley Davidsons, but they had this car under the carport that was always sitting there under a car cover. I remember pulling the car cover off one day, and there she was, the coolest looking corvette I had ever gotten close to. I just had to open the door and sit inside. I said "wow", I could definitely see myself cruising downtown with this beautiful looking white car with black interior. I had dreams of someday owning that car, but I knew it probably wouldn't happen. The owner would never part with her, besides, I didn't have any money to buy it anyway. My relationship with the owners daughter didn't work out, so my chances of owning the car would be even tougher. Well about 28 years later, my current girlfriend asked me if I could go look at a 4 wheeler for her kids in my hometown, and I just happened to see my ex high school girlfriends mom outside mowing her yard. I didn't stop because I was On my way to look at this four wheeler that just so happened to belong to an old friend of mine. Well the 4 wheeler wouldn't start, and I told my friend I wasn't interested and that I was going to go into town to visit old friends. Something was telling me I needed to stop and say hello to my ex girlfriends parents house. When I arrived, I noticed they had the vette uncovered. I asked where they were going, and they said they were taking it to there parents house to store it while they went on vacation down south. Out the blue, my exes mom asked me if I would be interested in buying it. My jaw dropped, and I said let's go look at it. The car had since been painted and had a lot of work done, but she still needed more and they didn't have the money to finish her. I asked how much? She gave me a number, and I told her I would be back in two weeks. I called my bank, and they had a check for me within a week and a half. I couldn't get that car off my mind, my dream had finally come true. The owners were sad to see it go, but I promised I would name her "Rose" after the owner. Now my current girlfriend thinks I give Rose more time than her. Well maybe just a little. It's crazy how things happen. I hope my story inspires many dreamers!


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