Mark P 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

A beautiful '65 for my 65th

On the morning of my 65th birthday I returned home from a bike ride and in my driveway was my friend Paul with a stunning Nassau blue/blue, 327/365, 4 speed/posi, '65 Sting Ray convertible. He knew I loved Corvettes so I assumed he brought over a friend's car to show me and make me jealous. As I was admiring the car that was un-restored with only 41,000 original miles my wife came out the front door wishing me a " Happy Birthday" and handed me the keys to the '65 for my 65th. Needless to say it was a complete surprise. I didn't know how they pulled it off without me having any inkling. She knew I loved Corvettes since I previously had a '58 and a '67 coupe in my prior life and always commented on classics whenever I saw them. It is comfortably insured with Hagerty along with my '03 Honda S2000 which sits under it on the lift in my garage.

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