Joe Z 1956 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

56' T'bird

1956 T’Bird:

In 1962 my aunt and uncle left Michigan and moved to California to start a new life. After several years and finally settling in, they bought this 56 T’bird in 1967 for $988.00. I visited several times and would drive the bird every time I had the chance. What a great feeling with the top down in sunny California. I would always tell my aunt and uncle that whenever they were ready to get rid of it I would buy it. Since they didn’t have any children, I was first in line of many other nephews that wanted it.

Through the years and several visits the bird was still there waiting for me, but in pretty rough shape. In 1996 my uncle passed away, and my aunt stayed in California until 2004. That year I helped her move back to Michigan, and appreciating all the help, she announced that she wanted to give me the bird. I was ecstatic!

This car was really in rough shape. It needed extensive body, interior, and engine work. It had about 12 coats of paint and lots of body repair throughout the years. I started working on it right after Labor Day 2004 and finished the off frame restoration and engine rebuild by April 2005 with the help of a local body shop. The car is back to original color and has gotten several awards.

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