ALAN S 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

My Dads Mustang Built on Introduction Day April 17, 1964

My father was always the bargain shopper, so in Sept 64 he most likely got a smokin deal on our 65 Dynasty Green Mustang convertible w/white top & white interior 289 4bl. It had been the dealer's wife's car and was pretty much "loaded". By then the late 65s were in the showroom but as I would discover decades later, our bargain priced 'stang happened to be built on April 17, 1964. The date they have so hyped as the pony-car's "birthday". I'm the youngest of 5 siblings and was only 6 at the time but I can remember sitting on the console legs straight out thinking what a cool spaceship-looking seat I get to sit on and first access to the AM radio.

The fallowing Spring -Easter Sunday 65 we drove to church with the top down and got a bunch of grief from the Baptist minister that we were ostentatious . Guess we were having too much fun

My dad had quirky taste in cars . The 57 Dodge Royal Lancer and the 61 Dodge Pioneer Wagon came & went but the Mustang stayed. The easy power steering meant everyone took their DMV driving test in it. Except for me, I wanted to shift and took it in our Opel Manta Rallye (told ya he had quirky taste in cars). I think he realized that someday the Mustang could be considered a classic and held onto it . He didnt want to make another mistake like he did years earlier.

His big mistake was at a used car lot around 1960. Dad had the choice of two vehicles at the same price= A 1957 Ford Thunderbird.... or a 1957 Sunbeam Rapier. He went with the Sunbeam.

Growing up in Newport Beach in the 80s where 450sl's & 911s were common as dirt and every exotic from Lambos to Limos was commonplace. It was amazing how much attention our ubiquitous old Ford ragtop would receive . I mean a thumbs up from a guy in a DB5?! I nicknamed her "The Parade Float".

My parents passed away in 06 and passed the Mustang on to me. I was tempted to take it out to Vegas last Thursday for the 50th Anniversary celebration and maybe sell it for big bucks. But Im far too attached to let the parade float go

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