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The first stallion in the family was a 1969 emerald green coupe my father came home with on a whim and I was hooked for life and knew when it was time for me to get a ride it would also be a pony. At 16 I bought a 72 grande then 3 years later I bought a wrecked 71 sprint hoping to save it but it was done and only good for parts and then there was a 76 mustang II mach 1 that was purchased when the 72 was totaled for me by a kid running a stop light. Next was a 95 gt conv. that also was also totaled I'm sorry to say (this time it was by me - oops) But my dream was always a 67 fastback and I had been looking for a couple of years and kinda stopped looking because I was depressed I could not find the right one. After a weekend at the lake I got home Monday I picked up the news paper in the driveway and sure enough there was a 67 s code ( 390 ci ) in the Saturday classifieds and knew it was gone already but I had to call and to my surprise he still had it. He said he had a 100 calls on it and only 4 showed up to look at it. The first one said he would run to the bank and be right back never to be seen again, one father was looking for a first car for his son and quickly figured out it was way to much car for him and the two others said they would think about it ( really? like whats to think ) so I dropped everything, called my work and said sorry and I was off to the races and probably cut a few people off trying to get there and if your reading this I'm sorry. So I have been the proud owner of 16 years a 67 big block in raven black with parchment interior and yes the prior owner panted it red and did a real nice job so I enjoyed her for a while (you know to get to know her), but for the 50th anniversary of the mustang I'm starting the full restoration of her and taking her back to her original beauty with a few undetectable mods like a 428 crank and flat top slugs It is hard to hide the crane cam thou. But I highly recommend you treat your self to a pony if you haven't already. It is truly a life changing experience.

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