Richard P 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Protected by Batman?

In 1964 I was ten years old. Through a family acquaintance, I became friends with an older youth of driving age. The first car he owned was a Ford Cortina/Lotus. A really neat first car to begin a lifetime of motoring with. To my delight he showed up one day with a new '64 Mustang Convertible. It had a (what I thought horrible) orange exterior color. What saved it was the black top and interior, although this was also offset somewhat, because of the Batman symbol on the front tag which included the inscription "Protected By Batman" I do not recall if it had manual or auto., if it was the straight six or the 260 8cyl. I do remember that it did not have the 289. It made an impression on me when my friend went hell-bent-for-leather through the neighborhood and on the highway. Once when I was allowed to drive it, I was impressed with how fast I could go down the road. In later years I fell in love with a '65 2+2, but it was not to be, for my thoughts kept returning back to...... the Cortina/Lotus.

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