Peter H 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

From favorite matchbox car to owning the real thing!

As I was growing up through the 60's, I had a fairly large collection of matchbox cars, Hot Wheels and other miniature toy cars. But the one car I always had with me was a 1965 red Mustang convertable. I took that car with me everywhere, normally in one of my front pants pockets. I can't really say why I loved this car so much. My father drove a Ford Galaxy 500, then we had a Plymouth Belvedere and a Dodge Polaris station wagon. I have owned a 1974 Plymouth Duster, a 1975 Dodge Dart, a Ford Escort, a Mustang II, a Pontiac 6000, a Ford Taurus, a Chevy Blazer, a Nissan Altima and several cadillacs and a GMC Yukon Denali xl. Through out the years, the one car I always dreamed of owning was a 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible, red of course. The closest I came was owning the Ford Mustang II. Of course I was fleeced a on that deal, the car was a piece of junk and I only had it for a short period of time. When I lived in New York, I found a frame from a 65 Mustang and was prepared to buy it until the seller cracked the frame pulling it out of his salvage yard. My hunt continued. In my professional life I was in sales and sales management. I travelled quite a bit and I called on all kinds of car dealers, service stations and body shops. At one point during my sales calls, I would jokingly ask if the person I was speaking with knew of any 65 Mustang convertibles for sale? For an answer, I would get a "I had one growing up, but" or just a chuckle and a "I wish" comment. Finally in the spring of 1994, in Winchester Virginia, I hit paydirt! As I.was standing in a car dealership owner's office, I saw 6-8 trophys for 1st or 2nd place in autoshows, mustang division. Being the classic salesman that I was, I asked about the trophys and the car that won the trophys. After some wonderful stories, I wistfully said how much I wanted to own one, ever since I was around 8 years old. Low and behold, the owner told me he had 6 or 7 mustangs for sale, including the car that won the trophys. Excitedly, I asked to see the cars and would the dealership be able to finance the purchase. The owner said no to the financing, citing the cars were not part of the dealership's inventory. We took a walk to a large hanger type building. Upon entering the building, there were 6 mustangs, 3 hardtops, 2 Fastbacks and convertible that needed a lot of work. None of the cars were red, the only color I think a mustang, especially a convertible should be. Looking rather disappointed, I asked where the trophy winning car was. The owner pointed to the back of the building. Sitting with a cover on it was another car. The owner took off the cover and there it was! A 1965 red ford mustang convertible! It was beautiful! I asked if it was for sale and the owner said for the right price. The owner said he has had the car since ordering it back in 1964. I asked him his price, he gave me a dollar amount. We quickly negotiated a price, I gave him a down payment to hold the car. I went to my home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pa, and went to my bank to get a loan to buy the car. The following Saturday, I drove with a friend to the dealership in Winchester and bought the car. The dealer had told me the car was road ready. Foolishly I beleived him. I had to add motor oil and I had to buy 3 gallons of water to get the car back home. Nevertheless, I now owned a beautiful red 1965 Mustang convertible with a white top, just like my Matchbox car. I have done at lot of work to the car and have put 46000 miles on the car in the 20 years I have owned. I have made no changes to the car except putting dual exhausts on it, which I regret doing due to the noise factor when driving with the top down. I have been in parades and car shows and all my children have ridden in the car since they were just weeks old. My mustang is my main mode of transportation from april through october. It has rarely seen the elements for I am obsessed with keeping it sparkling clean. No matter how often I drive the car, it turns heads and people go out of their way to talk to me about or give me a story about their mustang experience. This car fullfilled a life long love of the Mustang. The car has given my family and I such enjoyment. My children fight over who is getting the car when I pass. I tell my kids to quit fighting over who is getting the car when I go. My will says I'm to be buried in it!

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