Stanley J 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible

A Llifetime of enjoyment

My very first Mustang was purchased 43 years ago at the age of 15 .The car was a birthday gift from my Grandparents .At that time the Mustang was just turning 7 years old and cost 500.00 dollars.I was the talk of the neighborhood and fell into the car crowd which I am still a member of today.After driving the car for two years a

crash put an end to my first pony's life.Back in the day when Mustangs were everywhere when you crashed you took the good parts off the crash victim and transfered them to another one ,Thus the restoration bug was placed in my soul.My second Mustang became the best of two and stayed with me for many years to come.Back in the day it was always needed to have jumper cables, EMERGENCY road service or if you were lucky enough a second Mustang when Mustang number 1 would decide to take the day off.While Mustang # 2 was getting some paint and body work I found the 1965 MUSTANG GT I still have today that was 1975.I was a senior in High school and already a Mustang Junkie.I kept both MUSTANGS until I found my Dream car my 1966 convertible which resides right next to my 1965 gt resting on this 50 th aniversary day in my air conditioned garage.The convertible which I purchased in 1978 went to paint and became my daily driver for the next 10 years of my life.Of course both car's have nick names the convertible was known as Spirit and the GT goes by the name Buddy,The GT got its nickname from the troll that still hangs from the mirror . Spirit got it's nickname by being Spirit . During my College days I bought and sold a few Mustangs that I WISH I still had today .The 1966 SHELBY or the many 1968-1970 Mach 1's .For many years I ALSO HAD A GT 1966 FASTBACK which I was forced to sell a couple of years ago I miss it everyday.Having the set of coupe ,fastback,Convertible made my collection seem complete Over the past 32 years I have watched The MUSTANG go from an American Icon to a world wide treasure witnessing people flock to the US and ship our classics to far away destinations .Now at 50 THE Mustang has become a world wide IconI am blessed to still have the two classic Mustangs.

My life changed dramatically when in 1982 I purchase a Mustang Junk yard and started A Mustang parts and restoration shop .Thus the Mustang Collection was born and is still surviving today.For the past 32 years My life has evolved around the Ford Mustang,To complement my two Classics I drive A 1994 GT Convertible it's my daily driver.If you would like to see any of my work I do have a web site you can check out www, . Happy 50 th Anniversary to all mustang owner across our country and the rest of the world.Stanley Jacobs

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