hank g 1965 mustang


My parents were buying me a new car in 1965 for my 16th birthday. We were living in Westchester County NY and use to ride up and down Central Ave in Yonkers looking at all the car dealerships .I narrowed it down to a Corvette ,a Corvair or Mustang. One day while going to look at the Chevy dealer(Curry),while driving my parents 1963 olds, I was hit from behind ,went thru the showroom window ,ruined 4 cars and a friend Tommy Cotter who was in the front seat was knocked out. Needless to say I bought the Mustang. It was pretty cool having pulling into the lower parking lot at Stepinac H.S. No one knew what I was driving since the Mustang was just introduced. I currently own my 3rd mustang. I have had close to 50 cars in my lifetime. Haggerty currently insures 3 of them. Funny story .I shortly had another accident with that Mustang and Tommy Cotter was knocked out again. LOL No accidents since then.

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