Charles B 1968 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Us Old Guys Never Give Up Our Mustangs

My first car was a 1954 Ford given to me by my Dad when I turned sixteen years old. He had bought it new and had very few miles on it since he lived nearby his place of work. It sat in the driveway for the most part except to go into town or maybe take a short trip every now and then. I drove this car for several years but ever since I had seen the Mustangs...I knew someday I had to have one. The old '54 Ford was a good ole car but it was a four door and wasn't sporty enough for a guy my age so I began looking around at some used car lots to see if I could find that Mustang I had been wanting. After trying out several used models I decided to look at the new ones that were in the showrooms. I went to Sunny King Ford in my hometown of Anniston, AL and there she was...a new 1968 Presidential Blue Mustang. Since I was still not of age to take out a loan I got my Dad to help me out. I traded in the old '54 Ford in February of 1968 and I was on my way with my new '68 Mustang. I made payments to my Dad every month until the car was officially mine. At the time I was dating my high school sweetheart and eventually we got married in September of 1970. In 1973 our first son was born and in 1977 our second son came along. We were still driving this Mustang and now it was our "family car". In 1990 our oldest son drove it his senior year to high school and in 1994 our youngest son got a chance to drive it his senior year. The Mustang after that pretty much sat idle on our carport for the next fifteen years until my Grandson by my oldest son wanted to know if he was going to get to drive it to school his final year since his Dad and Uncle got to. Ever since he was a small child he had an interest in the Mustang and would always want to sit in it or clean it. In the fall of 2010 I decided that it was his time to drive the Stang and that it had sat idle way to long.. so off to the shop it went. We had the engine and transmission rebuilt, new gas tank and gas lines, new brakes, tires and a little chrome added to the engine. The Mustang was now ready for the Grandson to drive to school just as his Dad and Uncle did. Once he graduated in 2012 he had to turn the keys back over to me and now I'm having more fun driving it than I did when it was new. The moral to the story is this: I bought the car new when I was 19 years old, dated my wife in it, drove it to college, my two sons and grandson drove it and now I still driving it and at 65 years old having more fun than ever...."Us Old Guys Never Give Up Our Mustangs". The car still has the original paint and interior and has not been fully's a survivor and will remain in the family for many more years to come.

Charles Battles

Anniston, AL

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