Gaylynn B


I always wanted a Mustang since I can remember. Upon graduating from college in 1973, I purchased a new 1973 2 Dr Hdtp. I loved that car and often referred to her as "Trigger." I'm one of the few people who have a 41 year old car and who is the original owner.

I met my wife Linda while cruising on a very cold February night in 1974 in Napoleon, ND. I stopped and asked her if she'd like to save some gasoline. She said, "Yes." Eight months later we were married.

It was a car, a pickup and more. I had tire chains to drive down snowy gravel roads and section lines for a hobby of mine. She was a very good and trustworthy vehicle.

For years it was the only vehicle that we had. Two years ago, I drove the car to Linda's funeral and gravesite. I'll always own Trigger. It's more than a car. It's a Mustang!

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