Chas L 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 2dr SportsRoof

The one I had to have

Going into my senior year of college (the year was 1971) and bought my first muscle pony car, a '68 Cuda "S" 383 V-8 w/ 4-spd Hurst. Loved the car and it served me well for the next year. But the car I really wanted was a Boss 302 1970 Mustang. I was into the Trans-Am series of racing going to races at Lime Rock, Watkins Glenn & Mid-Ohio. I started letting all my friends know I was looking for one. In that first summer after graduation, one of my colleagues at work said he had a friend who had just bought one back from Florida and was looking to sell it. I went over to look at the car that very night. It was exactly what I was searching for, that eye-catching Boss orange (I was a Syracuse University graduate so I had to have Orange). The 351 Cleveland block and 4-speed Hurst. I immediately sold my Cuda to a friend and turned around and bought the '70 Boss. It was a JOY to drive. I drove it everywhere. The first and best change I made to it was through one of my college buddies who also had one, a Blue Boss 302. He worked for Firestone in Akron and was using his car as a test vehicle for their new line of sport radial tires. So he pulled me into the process, and over the next two years I got the newest radials on the car on a regular basis. And boy did it handle. I had a few back winding roads I used to take it out on and WOW. I beefed up the suspension (shocks & springs) and really added to the handling. And boy could that car perform at the top end. Whew! I drove it into 1974 until some idiot hit me. I got it repaired, but it was never the same. So I, broken heartedly got rid of. In the summer of 2012 I found another Orange Boss 302 1970 Mustang. Almost bought it until I found out it wasn't really a classic Boss. It had a 352 Windsor block in it, the police interceptor engine, a 5-speed manual transmission out of 2006 Mustang and a manual rack & pinion steering assembly that made it handle like an old farm field truck. Mentioning that to one of my college buddies, he said have you driven a new one, which I hadn't. So I did and WOW, what a dream. The handling the response, the convenience features, the look, the power; I was hooked. So I went out looking for that special car. And I found it in a Fire Red Roush Edition '06, which I now proudly own. So with the celebration of 50 years on Mustang I am still enjoying the Ride and will be for a while.

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