Mike R 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 2dr SportsRoof


I purchased a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 in 1969 from Norristown Ford just outside Philadelphia. I special ordered it. The car was Acopulco Blue, black interior, 4 speed, 351 4 barrel, with air conditioning.

I can remember waiting five long weeks for it to come in and then one day I got the call that it had arrived. I traded a1967 Firebird in on it and never looked back.

I kept the car for three years and loved every minute of it. I sold the car after I got married and regeted it right up until 2011 when I purchased another one.

The car I purchased was completely restored. I didn't fool myself into thinking I could restore one, beside I didn't want to wait. It is not exactly the same as the first one.The current car is Screaming Yellow Mach one with automatic and air.

My daughter and I have a ball going to all the car shows and have done quite well. This one will never be sold I have it titled into my trust and will be passed down to her.

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