Gil P 1969 Shelby GT500 2dr SportsRoof

My First Mustang Memory

My first Mustang memory took place when I was 9 at a family get together. Two of my older cousins had purchased Mustangs, one a red Shelby GT350 and a red GT coupe. I immediately fell in love with the GT350, the sound the look screamed fast car to me. I anxiously awaited each new model introduction of the Mustangs and Shelbys. Finally in 1980 I went shopping for a Shelby that fell in my budget and I found a 1969 Shebly GT500 Sports Roof that needed a little TLC. I'm the 3rd owner, the first was Ford Motor as it was a management car, followed by the 2nd owner and I've owned it for 34 years and I don't ever plan to sell it. I'm participating the 50th Anniversary celebration at Ford Motor Company's World Head Quarters in Dearborn MI and you'll se my Shelbey there.

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