Keith K 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

My First Car, and I Still Have It

Here is my all-original non-restored 1966 Mustang. My father bought this car for me when I was 15 (1975) and handed me a payment booklet from the local savings and loan for $750.

I took my wife (then girlfriend) Debbie to her first day of high school in this car. When my daughter Kendra turned 15, she learned to drive in this car. It was important to me that she learned to drive a stick shift and what better car than my first car. When my son Austin turned 15 he also learned to drive in the same car on his birthday. It was the same day that I was flying to a banquet in Las Vegas so I took him with me. When we arrived at the rent car counter I had prearranged for a new 2005 Mustang for him to drive. The first place I took him was the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to drive the car around the parking lot. It was a day that we will both remember for a lifetime.

I've owned the car for 39 years and will hope that one or both of my children will share this car with their children when they are 15. - Keith Kizer

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