Domenic G

My Baby's Back.

In 1977 2 friends and I collectively bought a 67 chevelle, we could not afford insurance so it sat for almost a year until i could afford to buy both shares and become sole owner. After insuring it i drove it till one night i lost control and placed quite a few small dings in it. I proceeded to repair the damage paint it to Black from marina blue and showed it off at the local speedsport show at the CNE. After which i used it as my daily driver until late 1981 when fooling around on one of our highways i missed a shift and spun 2 bearings. At the time i could not afford to repair the original big block so it sat on the side of my dad's house for a few months. In the spring of 82 after repeated threats from my dad to remove it from its parking spot I sold it to a friend, with a blown motor and trannie. He repaired it and drove it for a short while and then sold it to a local sports car dealer. This dealer sold it and neither of us knew where it went. 25 years later i came accross and old insurance card with the vin. #. I contacted our local Ministry of Transportation and proceeded to pay for a package that would give me the name of the present owner. I located the new owner and he had no intention of selling the Chevelle, his words were, when am i ever going to get another one like this one. So i left empty handed, I tried every year for 4 years but always got the same answer. He kept saying,I have your card and number i'll call you first if and when i'm ready to sell. The next year on a Thanksgiving Sunday i drove 2 hours out of town to look at another 67 which i did not buy. On the return drive i said to myself i gotta give him another try. After almost 2 hours of haggling we finally came to terms and 2 days later i had it towed to my house. After replacing the Rad, Rebuilding front brake calipers, rebuilding carburator, changing oil, new gas tank, new battery, Alternator, Hei ignition, I now have My Baby back and am thrilled every time i take it out to cruise nights or just to go out for ice cream. It still has the same paint as when i sold it but i'm not interested in a trailer queen, I just want to drive and enjoy it. Someday i'll probably have it painted, but for now JUst drive the heck out of it.

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