Sheila B 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Mine at last.

I wasn't old enough to drive at the time of the New York World's Fair, but the sight of the first Mustang is burned into my memory. As they started to appear on the streets of Queens, my head would snap as they went by. I promised myself then and there that, one day, I would own one. Years went by: college, marriage, homeownership, career and my dream Mustang eluded me. I never stopped thinking about it, however. With the advent of the Internet, I started browsing Mustangs that were for sale all over the country. I had a particular attraction to the 1966 model; to this day I don't know why. I bid on a few and lost them all. I dragged my mechanic brother to look at some on Long Island; none fit the bill. About three years ago, I was browsing on eBay and saw a convertible beauty in Pennsylvania. I contacted the owner and he said that he was bringing it to an auction that weekend and if it didn't sell, he would notify me. I figured it was a goner, because it was so beautiful; who wouldn't want to purchase it? As luck would have it, the owner contacted me after the weekend. Not only did it not sell at auction, but he knocked off $2000 from the price. I was in love. The owner was also willing to flatbed the car to our vacation home in Upstate New York, where I was going to garage it. "Tahoe Belle" (beautiful Tahoe Turquoise) arrived on a cold, rainy September afternoon in 2010. My husband thought it would make a great birthday present, so he paid the entire bill....for my 60th birthday. Better late than never.

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