Rick H 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

First Mustang in Cincinatti, Ohio

I had a '64 Ford Galaxie 2 door post ordered with a 330 hp 390 big block. I walked into the dealer for some reason or another before my car came in & there was a grey 64 1/2 Mustang coupe sitting on the showroom floor. I immediately fell in love, cancelled my order for the galaxie & put the deposit on the Mustang. The dealer wouldn't let me have to car for several weeks as it was the only one they had. It was a 289 210 hp, 4 speed car with a ralley pac & Am radio. It was really amazing- sometimes you couldn't go with a green light because there were so many people crowding around the car to take a look. Once I forgot to lock it & when I came back a guy was sitting in the car!

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