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Finally replaced my Pony

I finally got my drivers license at 16 in 1979. I couldnt wait for that day to come because I knew once I got my license I would get the family car. That family car was a 1967 fire engine red, 289 Mustang coupe. The car was in pretty bad shape. Both of my older brothers learned to drive in the car and my uncle borrowed it from time to time so it had its share of bumps and bruises. When I was 14 or 15 my brothers had newer cars and the Mustang just sat waiting for my turn so I wanted to try to revive it. I bought a 67 V6 doner car with a good body and a blown motor for $300 and replaced every dented bolt on panel, doors, trunk and some interior parts. That, a little rubbing compound and a few hundred coats of wax and the car liooked great. Aside from the huge rust holes in the rear quarters from the wheel well to the bumber! About a month before my road test my brother borrowed the car to go to school and rear ended an LTD wagon. The damage was to the right front fender, hood and grill. My brother knew how upset I was so he promised to fix it. Now my beautiful red Mustang had a blue hood, yellow fender, no grille and most important no pony in the missing grill. I had no money so I poainted the car white with a brush and house paint. My friends called it the refrigerator but it still ran like a 289 stang should.

For my High school graduation my dad asked me what I wanted for a gift and my answer was to get my Mustang fixed and painted. We went to the local body shop and he laughed and said "don't waste your money its a 14yr old car." If we only knew then what we know now. So feelinmg bad my dad bought me a 1979 Datsun 280ZX which I still have today. I loved the ZX but always missed my Mustang and always talked about getting one. Always looked and teased myself but never pulled the trigger.

I am in the jewelry business and in October 2010 when gold took its hike to 1800 per OZ I had a bag of scrap gold that I had collected over the years. My son who was 21 at the time came into my store and I showed him the bag of scrap gold. Not even thinking of it my self he held the bag of gold in his hand and said HOLY $*%# dad, you could by your Mustang with this! I thought twice (well maybe not) about whathe said and started searching for my dream car. Within 2 days of searching various classic car sites and not finding anything I went to Ebay. The 67 fastback GT390 I wanted was out of my price range so I started looking at other years. The 69 Mach 1 was growing on me and there was a Red 69 Mach 1 listed on Ebay as "must sell getting divorced" Called the owner and told him I wanted the car but contingent to an inspection. Sent him a deposit, had an appraiser go look at it and the report was "Buy this car!" and the rest is history. I paid for and had the black plate California 1969 RED Mach 1 shipped to me. I Had it in a few weeks and absolutely adore it. I bring it to shows and so far have 1 best in show, 2 best Mustangs and numerous 2nds and honerable mentions. Funny thing is I asked the previous owner if divorce traveled with the car and in 2011 I got a divorce. Not sure if it was the car or not.. haha It wasn't but thats a story for another day.

Needless to say I finally got my Mustang, my dream car and I'm loving every minute of it! My fiance calls it the love of my life and I tell her shes a close second!! J/K

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