Bob B 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Drag Racing the Wifes Car

In late 1964, my soon to be bride (now ex) bought a new Mustang, Soon after we were married I took her Mustang to Lions Drag Strip and was racing it without her knowldge, I did win a trophy with it. But I never told her about me racing her car and hid the trophy from her.

Almost a year or so later we were at a friends house (he was my mechanic) having dinner and after dinner the couple started showing us home movies of their new born. Unkown to me he had filmed my racing the wifes car and also unknown to me he had spliced that racing section onto the end of the film of their child. So there we sat when unexpectedly my wife sees the Maroon Mustang smoking the tires at the drag strip. She says "boy that looks like my car", finally i had to admit I had been racing her car, but at least I was able to stop hiding my trophy.

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