Kevin S 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Bunny's Mustang

My fathers name is John, his nickname is Bunny and he passed in 2006 at the age of 82. A WWII vet and a father of 6, he was a quite man. When the last child came in 1957 (me), times got tough and he held down three jobs for almost ten years to get us a bigger house, clothes, food....and with three boys, sporting goods. His passion was hockey. He never played but he loved this sport so much that he never sat in a chair to watch a game.....he was on the floor in front of the TV.

In 1967 we needed a second car as my mother at the age of 40 got her license. Dad went to my uncle who was a used car salesman at the local Ford dealership in town. Purchased a dynasty green 1965 3 speed manual 6 cylinder Mustang for the price of $600. Now this is about the time I turned ten and the local hockey team had a new wonder boy called Orr. My first pair of skates was white figure skates spray painted black to go pond skating when I was four or five. By 1967 he had me playing in rinks all over the area and this is the car we went in. My father was a smoker, Pall Malls, one to two packs a day....happy that the Mustang had vent windows. My memories of he and I driving to a game or practice for over 5 years in that car have stayed with me, not much conversation, but happy that we had this time to ourselves.

We got a brand new car in the summer of 1975, a Ford Grenada and the Mustang went to the garage for many years only to come out briefly in the spring and summers. It had done its duty and showed it. My dad was closing in on 80 and did not have the heart to keep her going so he passed "Bunny's Mustang on to me in 2003. It was in rougher shape by now, barely drivable. I had a friend that was in the auto body business and we made an agreement that the Mustang could stay in his garage and I could start the process of tag/bag and peel away everything to show how much work was needed. I did the deconstruct and he did the reconstruct, oh and I had to do all of the sanding.

It took almost 4 years and I am not going to tell you how much money, but you can see by the picture that we did a fantastic job. Inside tucked in the visor is an unopened pack of Pall Malls, also tucked close to the shifter in the carpet is the staple tool of a glazer, a glass cutter. (dads full time profession). Driving that car now is a real joy and only wish that my father could enjoy one last spin in it's condition.

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