mike s 1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk IA 2dr Convertible

The day my best friend cussed

Back in 1964 Darrel my friend and I washed neighborhood cars for extra bucks in the summer. Looking back I wonder why the neighbors didn't report the burn outs we did returning the cleaned cars? We believed in high speed air dry too. We had walked the Cobra lot of southern california thinking $5800 to mid $6,000 asking price would keep the cars from selling?

Darrel had the 63 Falcon 6 cyl wound up at 70 mph, flying under the over pass heading north at the Buellton, Ca., Andersen's Split pea Soup exit. Darrel went rigid behind the wheel and uttered the first four letter word ever heard out of his mouth. Fear entered me instantly and as I spun my head around expecting we were on fire or worse? I saw a little car entering the freeway using the north bound on ramp. The car exploded with speed and blew by our Falcon seemingly twice our speed? Disappearing through the gradual turns ahead of us, Both Darrel and I were in shock and struggled to recognize the car?

Darrel blurted out ... "That was a Sunbeam Tiger, and that motor was screaming" After a brief puzzle solving about engine used and other guessing, "I knew I was hooked" With every bit of sencerity mustered, I vowed before my friend to own that car one day.

I bought my Tiger a MK-1A transition body work 1966 in 1973, and it has been the most rewarding car to drive over the years. I've owned just about everything, but something about the Tiger is hard to put in words. I just love it on this mountain road nearby called Tepusquet mountain road. A canapy of trees shades the road and the switchbacks make for a torque enjoyed ride and near to heaven like over all feeling.

Darrel comes to visit now and then. He hasn't sworn another word that I know of. But when the spirit moves you .... well, you just have to answer the call. Ha! ha!

p.s. spell check not working?

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