Gordon R 1957 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

My 1957 Dream Car

I was 16 years old, driving my dad's 53 Chevy pickup around the town square in our small Missouri Ozarks town when I saw a 1957 Corvette. It was the first Corvette I ever saw. I found a parking place and hung around the car drooling down my front until the owner came back. He was from Springfield, Mo, about 100 miles away. I pestered him with questions about it until he finally got in the Corvette and started for home. It was red, red interior and white cove.

I dreamed of that car for many years. I owned Corvettes and other cars but never a 57. Finally my wife said, "If you are ever going to get a 57 you need to do it before it is too late." So the search was on. I looked from border to border and coast to coast, found a lot of expensive junk and a lot of very expensive nice cars. I was set to buy a couple of times but it didn't happen. I flew to St Louis, called the owner from the airport and he told me someone was pulling away with the car I had told him I would buy. I was somewhat upset.

One day my new Hemming Motor News arrived and I turned to Corvettes for sale and saw an ad for a 57 about 100 miles from me. I called and made an appointment to go see it the next day. What I found was a complete driving car in nice driver condition, just what I was looking for. I looked it over, took it for a drive, discussed price and left. On the way home my wife said, "You better buy it." When we got home I called the owner, negotiated for a while, finally agreed on a price and I said I will be there tomorrow to buy it. I was the first guy there and I bought it!

When we got it home and could look in close detail I found a very original car with most of the original parts on it. I did a mechanical rebuild to make sure it is reliable but left the cosmetics alone as I planned to drive the car.

We have now owned it for 14 years, drive it regularly, go on road tours with other people. It is a car that I will keep. My sons will have to decide what to do after I am gone.

The picture was taken in front of the Mansion at Grace Land during one of our road tours.

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